Ike Charlie

Isaac or Ike Charlie started carving at the age of ten. He was taught by his older brother Art Charlie II.  His mother hailed from Ahousaht, BC and his father from Sweden.  Ike has been carving for 30 years. At a very young age he achieved as a professional artist. At the age of 18 he was teaching a native art class at the Ha-ho-pa-yuk School in Port Alberni, BC.  He has also worked in the Victoria, BC school district as a native art and cultural teacher. Ike has worked many jobs, but has always come back to his art, and now he is a full time artist.

He then returned to Port Alberni, here on Vancouver Island, where he was born, to finally move to Long Beach. He has taught many other youth who were interested to carve privately. Ike is a father to four children and learning as much as he can, so he may pass these teachings onto the next generation. Ike is well respected by his family and reflects the care he shows to to all of them. His work is contemporary and he carves masks, plaques, model poles, feast dishes, and aspires to learn other mediums.