Ann Seaweed

Ann Seaweed was born January 26, 1961, in Alert Bay, off the northern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  Her grandmother was a member of the Kwagiulth Nation, while her grandfather was a member of the Salish Nation.  As the First Nations people go by matriarchal descent, she is considered Kwagiulth.  The Kwagiulth Nation inhabits the southern region of the mainland and the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island.  Ann takes the Sisiutl (double headed serpent), revered for its great strength, as her family crest.

Alfred Seaweed, her husband and Northwest Coast jewelry carver, has greatly influenced her work through his teaching, which is evident in her carving style.  She has been carving since 1994 and became involved in making jewelry in order to carry on the family tradition.  Ann began making spirit beads as a symbol of the belief of First Nations that animals are sent to us as spiritual guides; and help us maintain our connection to the land, which is our life.  She chose to make the circular beads with the animal motifs to recognize that the protection of the spirit animal will never leave the person wearing the bead.  This is why the beads are soldered closed to represent infinity.  The more different animals you collect, means you are more connected to your spiritual guides.  These guides provide balance in your journey and help you stay connected to the land that provides you with all that you need in life.