Alfred Seaweed

Alfred Seaweed was born May 22, 1949 in Alert Bay, a small fishing village off the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island. This area is representative of the Kwagiulth Nation, a tribe that inhabits mainly the southern region of the province. Alfred takes the Sisiutl (double headed sea serpent), from his mother, and the eagle, from his father, as his family crests. Alfred is a descent from a large family of carvers, so it was only natural that he began carving. In 1978 Alfred apprenticed under Lloyd Wadhams, a prominent Kwagiulth artist also from Alert Bay, who is now deceased.

Lloyd taught Alfred the art of jewellery carving, using silver and gold as his mediums. Alfred’s style is traditionally Kwagiulth depicting motifs that are common to the Kwagiulth mythology. Alfred is a well-respected artist in the native community as he avidly preserves the carving traditions of his ancestors for future generations.